Mojam Building Competition 2014

I would like to thank all the participants in Mojam Building Competition 2014 for helping to make it an excellent, fun event for all! Thank you for your patience with the minor technical difficulties and the slowness of the server as some redstone got a little out of hand.



Best in 'B' Movie quality special effects - Fire Ferrets

Goodey1212, EWN2, bk1510

Themes: 1930's Serial Adventure, Insanity

I have no idea how intentional any of it was, but all of the special effects in Fire Ferrets' build were truely 'B' Movie quality, which I think perfectly reflected the 1930's serials theme.From the wingless plane fuselage sitting on some grass in the sky, to the secondary crashed plane with signs reading, "Crashed plane. Must make look better!!! If time make bigger and more crash like". The floating minecart tracks hovering over the river perfectly reminded me of how a low budget movie would've carefully filmed a river boating scene to maintain perfect control over the craft. Even Goodey and EWN2's narration directing the hero Faume where to go and what to do next perfectly reflected these types of movies for me. I think the Temple was a really interesting build that may have been overlooked a bit in all the chaos. Great job!

Most Disturbing - Unh3lpful is Alone


Themes: Time, Insanity

This entry was quite the impressive build - especially coming from a single person team. I especially loved the green chair, but the entire interior of the room was quite detailed. As others suggested during the tours, it is like a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story, only much darker. I don't really identify with the dark, pessimistic point of view this build puts forth, but I can certainly appreciate the level of atmosphere achieved throughout the build to create a really unique environment. Well done!

Sweetest Original Narrative - Clockwork Balrog

jgazmom, GhostVortex, antijin, Fellonius

Themes: Aligator, Yin-Yang, Candy®, Time, The Year 2222

The entire build time, I assumed this was some sort of candy people invasion taking over the world. However, once again, jgazmom's storytelling put an interesting spin on things! I loved the idea a species of candy people living in iPad-like ships traveling the galaxy and taking their candy children on field trips to ancient vacant planets. The Gator planet provided the perfect opportunity for GhostVortex to build his huge machines of war, but the story of the build warns of the folly war - it brought the Gator people to extinction! I loved hunting for all the special candy children detailed in your description. You managed to get a lot of personality out of a very simple character design. Excellent storytelling!

Most Creative Reimagining - 2014

abrightmoore, rsmalec

Themes: Aligator (Crocodile), The year 2222

This build reimagined the story of Peter Pan in the year 2222. There were a ton of great little details telling the story and creating the atmosphere. I loved the shadow effect in the Darling Residence! The idea is amazing, and a touchpoint of the reference material in a new setting. The Clone Pirates ship is another great element of updating how the story would be told in 2222. The idea that the pirates would be a bunch of clones created in pods in the bowels of the ship is an interesting idea, and I loved Captain Hook swimming away from the Croc with the clock. The entire build has plenty of quotes and sayings sprinkled throughout the environments creating atmosphere. Incredible imagination!

Technical Achievement - CC Inc

Ali_Crafty, Kyle_Crafty, djimusic, lualdu

Themes: Time, The Year 2222

CC Inc. worked tirelessly to create quite an amazing adventure in the Dr. Who universe! The build is impressive for sheer scale alone, but they brought it to life through creative use of many of the newest snapshot features. I won't spoil any of what happens as they plan to release an even more fleshed out version to the public, but it was a fun, chaotic romp with Dr. Who and as many companions as you can find! You run into some classic villians, and if you're good enough and fast enough, barely escape with your life. It was an amazing amount of work to complete in 24 hours, and didn't run into any major glitches in our run through just after build completion. Impressive innovation!

Grand Prize Winner - The Common People

thecommonpeople, AHigherPlace, dragnoz, Farrahs, tewkesape

Themes: 1930's Serial Adventure, Time, The Year 2222, Insanity

The Common People really impressed me with this build! Apparently they were referencing Thunderbirds, a show I've never even heard of, but the random, whimsical nature of their build really caught my attention. Another contestant remarked that the build reminded them a lot of a Tracy Island toy playset they had as a kid, and that thought perfectly explains the feeling created here - that of a kid sitting in his living room throwing together all of his different toys into one crazy story only a kid could come up with. How else do you combine Thunderbirds with Godzilla, aliens, tentacle monsters, and Back to the Future? This perfectly captured the heart of what Mojam is all about - bringing silly, fun things together in a way that you'd never expect. The entire build had excellent, subtle details and had key effects in the most important areas of the build to aid in telling the story. Most Impressive!

Stephen Kowalski