Mojam Building Competition 2014

Announcing the Third Annual Mojam Building Competition!
Friday, 21 February 2014 - Sunday, 23 February 2014
Note: I have no idea when Mojam will actually take place. I'm taking a guess based on the last two years in order to plan a bit more in advance.

The results are in!

In 2012, I hosted a small Building Competition on The Shaftlands with the theme "Ancient Egyptian Steampunk" in honor of the first Mojam. We had a great turnout and some really excellent builds!

In 2013, when Mojang announced the Second Mojam, I scrambled to organize a larger, more elaborate competition on my own personal server. The Second Annual Mojam Building Competition was an 18 hour build with teams of up to 5 players. Teams were able to choose from any of the theme brainstorming words generated for the Mojam, which led to some incredibly interesting and creative builds!

In an effort to better prepare and organize this year, I am starting preparations now so that this year's Mojam Building Competition can be bigger and better than ever!

What You Need to Know

How to Enter

To enter, please fill out this Google Form. You can edit your team once you submit it if plans change.



Stephen Kowalski